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The people engage to raise one-fourth, which is more than could be expected, considering their humble circumstances, and the severity of the times.

It is, therefore, hoped that the present will not be considered as an improper appeal to the benevo- lence of the religious public, and this case is cor- dially and respectfully recommended to their kind attention by the following mimsters: The sabjoined ballad-lines are worthy of pre- servation in the OhronicU Sorap Book re-prints.

They were written by Mr. The mill ref exred to is the oom mill which formerly stood near Pennington Hall, the cottage near the gate being the Old Mill House.

The mill was bnxnt down about fifty years since— in March, Had I my will. Should rifle again k sever, The yellow grain, And life siutetn. Full well I knew.

He was a bonny fellow ; And oft his palms Were filled with alms Of meal both mild and mellow. S, The begging crew Of evW hue [city.

From village, town, or Wonld bless his name. And tell his fame. Because his heart could pity. Sir, if my pease Your palate please Gome oft, for here is plenty.

Or vain your wondrous plenty. With all ray strife Will leave my palate empty. As if not worth the mindinsr. Thy nee is run.

Thy work u done, Once thou was young and dever ; Thy days are past And thou art east Behind the shades for ever 1 So fades all human gloiy.

Will soon be run, Thenshalllbe contented; A kindred few Perchance mav rue. And say he died lamented. It giTes a ooimeoied aooountof the ending of the dispiitebetweeBtheKoa- eonf ormiBt and Confonnkt inhabitanti of Hindley.

On this Table we read: The chapel ol Hindley being violently and by force taken ont of the hands of the Bight Be veiend Father in Qod, Doctor Nicholas Stratford, Lord Bishop of Chester, and of some of the FeofiEees in- habitants of the said town, honest men and stoat opposers of schism and dinsion, in the year of oar Lord, , by John Green, of Wigan, and other Feoffees and inhabitants of the said town.

Dissen- ters from the Church of England, they the said John Green and his adherents did at that instant erroneously elect a Nonconfonning Minister at the said chapel contrary to the pious and well-meaning intentions of the founders and benefactors to the said chapeL But the Bector unwilling to lose a chapel within his own parish, at his own proper charge issued out a commission of pious uses, and obtained a Decree against them which Decree they the said John Green and others making many exceptions against came to be argued in the fionble Duchy Court at Westminster before divers Chancellors successiyely presiding in the said courts where at last the said Bector, after a tedious and expensiye suit, obtained a further Decree against the said John Green and others, the ordering part whereof is as foUoweth: After declaring in what particulars the Decree is to be amended, it concludes: The trustees are to be accountable for the same.

In pursuance of which decree the Feoffees and other inhabitants hereunder named willing to have an election of a minister to officiate at the said Hindley Chapel, after the usual manner did be- sides the personal notice given to all or most of the gainsaying Feoffees give public notice to all per- sons concerned by fixing upon the chapel door as iolloweth: It is dated 18 June, John Presoott to receive the same, which said order and instrument are as follows: Witness our hands the23rd day of December.

Which mxmn what they amount to deducting Jo: James Cheetham, and John Banioan, trustees for the same, are as follow. Prescott, James Cheetham, and Jo: Parr andMathew AsUey toMr.

Langton, arrears for the whole vacancy which by deed recourse thereunto being had may at large appear ia given after yt, or any such Tacanoy to tjie following incumbt the sum of 6 Mr.

PresootI a rent ehaige p. Samnel Hilton, of Aspoll, and bestowed on the said ohapel, via. And in the same year Mr.

Worthington, of Hindley aforesaid, did bestow on the saad ohapel at his own proper charge another silver chalice proportionable to the former, having his cut upon the cover, and the body thereof, which is a goat stepping on a thorn, and on the other side of the chidice the following epigranif wrote in Latin, thus in English: The folkWiBg paragriidi iscopied firom a PMston newspaper, pnhlished in Sir Robert added to this printing establish- ment two others, one at a place called Ramsbottom, near Bury, and another at the town of Tamworth.

Two centuries ago one Randle Collier, a person Evidently of subetimtial means, resided in Hindley. Unquestionably, he was a benevolent man.

In the Table of Bsnefactors hung inside the walls of the church, it is recorded that Randle CdUier gave houses and land in Hindley to the yearly value of iBlO 7b.

His wife followed in his footsteps, and devised in her will JB20 for the augmentation of the same Charity. A tradition exists in the Seddon family that the CoUiers and the Seddons were connected by relationship.

Peter Worthing- ton, etc, and the survivour and survivours of them his or their heires and successors from tyme to tyme for to be sett forth and improved to the best advantage, viz.

Item, my will and mind is and I doe hereby give and beqneath the snm of fforty pounds which is dne to mee by bond from Ralph Sale aad William Ranicar unto Mr.

These are printed below. In Manchester, the amount ooUected was JB 8s. In BUokbum B were collected. John Rylandi, of Warringtoa father of Mr.

William Hope, JB lis. In Lancaster, JBSl 8s. From a note in some rough accounts written in the book, it appears that JS2SI The recommendations and resolution are printed at the end of this note.

This very important case is earnestly recom- mended to the religious public by John Htatt, Wm. It was resolved that Messrs. Kaj, be ap- pointed a committee to promote and carry into effect a subscription for the purpose of erecting a Chapel at Leigh upon the land already purchased ; Mr.

Alexander to enter on the subscriptions and the case to be signed by the secretaries on behalf of the meeting. It having been requested by Mr. RoBT, Manchester, P.

The very satisfactory reoommendation of this case as to its importance and neceaaUy induces the additional testimony of 6x0.

This important case is most cheerfully recom- mended by Joseph Fletcher. Money was as under per annum: Thomas Crook 11 6 By the Improvements in the vacancy — 5 14 Mr.

Holme, of Holland, which money was put oot to Jiim at interest by Captain Worthington in his own name as Mr. John Fresoott haa often oom- plainedtomethe said Captain being no feofiee for the Chapel , bnt how the Captain got it into his hands I know not.

John Presoott paid me from Mr. I have made what inquiry I could after the bond, but could never recover it. Possibly the money lost might be part of this legaoycrgifk Samnel Lever, Curate.

Alexander Leigh, his late father. And June 18th next fol- lowing Mr. James Green, of Lowton belonging to the Chapel , were obliged to be called in.

There was still after a further deficiency, for Mr. Olaytoa the attorney employed in this affidr brought in a.

John Growdson succeeded to the ouxaoy of Uindley on the death ol Mr. He died December 25th, Bdwaid Grime sue- oeeded Mr. The Honourable and Bev.

On obtaining possession of this book I discovered that A leaf or leaves had been abstracted imme- diately after the entry of the presentation of the Bev.

Geoxge Henderick to this curacy, but by whom, or for what purpose I have not yet been able to ascertain. Thomas CtUcheth is mentioned as an annuitant.

There appears to be some mistake in the day of the month for the deed recited is evidently nnmber CXXVI. Sir Henry Oraunge, priest, was a witness.

WiOiam OtUcheih, Gent, and Roger Out- chethf his son and hw appwent, levy a tine of lands in Hindley to them and the survivor of them for life.

Eomainder to QUberi CtUchethj son and heir apparent of the said Hoger, and the heirs male of bis body. Like remainder to Richard another brother.

The ultimate remainder to the right heirs of WWiam the father. The fol- lowing particulan of the American Mathers maybe interesting by way of supplement, serving as they do to connect the two branches.

For the under- mentioned genealogical details, I am indebted mainly to a pedigree in an early volume of the Keuj England Cfenealoghal RegUter, now but rarely to be met with.

Of the American Mathers it has been weO said, "The succession of eminent men by the name of Mather through a period of above one hundred years, was enough to make that name conspicuous for several ages or generations after those who gave the impression had passed away.

He was bom at Low- ton in , and after a aoitabla education at Oxford settled as the minister of the Episcopal Church at Toxteth, near LiverpooL Li he was removed from his charge and deposed from the ministry through nonconformity to oertain of the demands of the church.

Shortly afterwards he emigrated to Massachusetts Bay, arriving at Boa- ton, Auguat 17, ; and the next year Augnat 23, , waa appointed pastor of the church of Dorchester, Mass , where he spent the remainder in his life.

Died April 22, 16a9, aged 73 years. His second wife was Sarah, widow of the distinguished Rev. John Cotton - one of the earliest of tlie New England Fathers, and pastor of the first church in Boston.

By hid first wife he had surviving issue— Five sons four of whum entered the ministry , viz. Married a sister of Sir John Stevena, of Dublin, and left issue a daughter.

Settled at Dorohester, Mass. Succeeded his brother Samnel in Dublin, and ultimately died nnmanied in London, July 26, Richard Mather, was bom in Dorchester, Mass.

After spending four yean from home, he returned to New England in , and was invited to preach at the North Church, in Boston, to the pastorate of which he was ordained May 27, , and continued to hold through the remainder of his life, — a period of 62 yean.

The most lamooe incident in the life of Dr. Mather, and one which fully teetified to the esteem in which he waa held hy hia fellow country-men, was his aeleotion by the Oolomata aa the most suitable peraon to lay their grievanoes at the foot of the Throne.

He had aeveral interviews with kings James IL and WH- liam HL in the years 16S8 and , being well re- oeived by both monarohs, and from tha latter ob- tained snhstantial relief for his countrymen.

He died August 28, , in hia 84th year. Oneofhia successors in the ministenal office thus sums up his oharactar. Z Natlumid, bom July 6, , "aperson of uncommon attainments in religion and erudition.

Increase Mather, and who, if possible, excelled his father in learning and literary attainments, was bom Feb.

Four years later he was ordained minister of the Chnrch in Boston as colleague with his father, whom, howcTer, he survived but five yean, dying February 13, , age The acquirement of knowledge seems to have been with him accomplished without effort, and his writings show that they were generally drawn from the storehonsa of his mind, where from reading and obeervation they had been from time to time depo- rted.

His abiHty for acquiring languages has pro- bably been sutpsssed by but very few, and he is said to have been master of more languages than any other person in New England in his time.

Cotton Mather was a still more voluminous writer than his father. By his first wife he had isste seven diildreii, all of whom, with the ex- aeption of one daughter, died before him.

Died June 27, , leaving iMBue. Deoendanisof the Mather family still exist in jbtterioa, And oeoopy a position of respectability.

Mather being Mayor of New London as late as Although the name of Mather has never been so conspicuous in old as in New England, yet there have probably always existed persons of the name in this country of good standing and respectability.

Flint, and formerly of Liverpool, Esq. Motto, in old English — Mourn WariUe. It would be interesting could the precise connection between the English and Amerioaa branches of the family be indicated.

Another Boman Catholic anthcrity, however, atatea that thia form of euraing may be found in aome local rituals, the forma vary- ing in diffiorent diatriota.

Barham, an aooom- pUshed scholar, who may have seen such an old form of cursing. It and the two deeds which accompany it throw light upon the history of the Rylands family, which has already received so much attention at the hands of Mr.

Paul Rylands, of Warrington. This record ia also a good specimen of the English in use at the end of the 15th century. The William RyUmd, gent.

Pated at Dytton aforesaid 22 Edw. P, Earutaker, Withington, near Manchester. Edmund Wynstonley of Wynstonley gen. LawreiM qf Hulme of Maghell gen.

Robt Hyniey of Aspull the elder gen. Bartilmew of Holerqft gen. John qfAsheton of Banfurlong gen. George qfEccles- ton of Eccleston gen.

Willm MylUngton of Apulton gen. The quelling of the name of the town in the aeoond token ia anffiaiaotly noaanal to throw donbta mpoo the token baiiig aotwlly iHned in thia town.

In enawMiTJon with the very intareating article by Mr. Mather from America preached two aermou in Betheada Chapelj Leigh ; and I re- member well its being said that he waa descended from the Rev.

Cotton Mather referred to in Mr. Esquire, demises and betakes nine acres of land to Roger Hindleyj of Aspull, gent. Remainder to John CtUcheth, his eldest son and heir apparent, and the heirs male of his body.

Remainder to OUbert Oulchcth, another son, in like manner. Remainder to the heirs male of the said John Culcheth, the father. Remainder to the right heirs of the said John, the son.

Feoffinent and Declaration of Uses to the like effect. Benuundet to the heini of hia body. Remainder to John, the fathetr, ift fee.

In the case John Hatoarden and Christian his daughter are mentioned. Esquire, indicts Edmund Trafford and Cecilia his wife, for pulling down three bays of housing in Manchester.

The following items relate to the Leigh Pariah Church nearly seyenty years ago. They are copied from a hook which belonged evidently to a ohuroh- warden of Westleigh at that period.

Paid for sparrow heads 19 3 Paid for spaixow heads 14 6 Pud for 11 urchins, or hedge hogs The quaint deed whidi my friend Mr. Cousin, away for England ; haste before: Use ourcommission in his utmost force.

When gold and silver beck me to come on. I leave your highness. Four times a year the fol- lowing curse was read in the church, in terrorem, against all who in any way defrauded the church of her dues.

The prelate stood in his pulpit in his albe, the cross was lifted up, and the candles lighted ; when he proceeded thus: Fcter, we denounce all those accursed that we have thus reokned to you: Doe to the book, qnenoh the ceadle, ring the belL Amen.

The oune waa rery like that of Bmnlpbna. With oandlea queint, and bellia bUnk. And Ghriatb people proudly ourae With brode boke, and braying beU.

The engraving by Mr. The ftnt inetanee of biehope OMrrying torchee in their hendi and throwing them down oocora In the ezoommonioation of some mnrdereri in Bheima, aboat the year Esquire, and Cfeoffrey ffolerqfUf of the Hurstei Esquire, and Thomas Holerqftet hia son and heir apparenti agree upon an exchange of lands.

JRobeH Slynehead, of Ashton, gent. John Culeheth, his son and heir, was found to be fifteen years of age on the 8th October. Oat of a large family of six Bona and seven daughters the only son who reached maturity and survived his father was the Dr.

Samuel Mather, who died in , as mentioned in my last note. Thomas, died in , unmarried. Samuel, died , aged 76, leaving a widow who survived as late as , aged 94 , but no surviving issue 3.

Increase, of whom nothing is said in the pedigree, but who probably died young. Hannah, wife of Bev. I understand the house in which the Rev.

There can, therefore, be little doubt as to the origin of the name given to the lane in which the house stands.

Tradition says so ; it is accepted by the Lowton people, and I have been told so by an old SjBrvantnian, a native of Lowton, who worked for my father and grandfather fifty years, and who died tome thirty yeara ago conaiderably over eighty years of age.

A more modem house is now in front of it and, I am told, was built by a descendant of the Mathers in the year The property belongs to Richard Leigh, Esq.

The two following deeds, in which his name occurs, show that he must be rightly included in the list of the Vicars of your ancient Parish Church.

These are taken from the same volume of transcripts of Lancashire deeds before referred to: FVom the reign of William I.

In no way waM this Council representatlTe in its character, or any provibion made in its constitntioii for securing the rights of those not personally entitled to be present.

In tiie following roign -that of Henry III. To the Parliament which met at Westminster, 13 Kov. Ptom this time for- ward the representation of the Ckxnmons became an estabUshed part of Padiamentaiy ConstitntioB, and no further ofasourity attends its history.

From the 22nd of Edward III. In the first Parliament of Edward VI. To the Parliament which met 1st of Elizabeth, Jan.

With a brief exception — during the Commonwealth — this continued to be the strength of Lancashire Parliamentary Bepresentation until the pABsing of the Reform Act in To the Par- liaments of and , four members were returned for the Connty, and one each for Lancas- ter, Preston, Liverpool, Wigan, and Manchester — the only time the latter town sent a representative to Parliament prior to But matters retomed to their former condition in the Parliament which pre- oeded the Restoration.

Clitheroe one member only, and Newton to be disfranchised. The following new Boroughs were created: Making a total of 26 members, or nearly twice the strength of Lanca- shire Representation prior to the passing of the Act.

The changes since then have been aa follows: Albans, a third member was added to South Lancashire. The City of Manchester and the Boroughs of Liverpool and Salford had each an additional member given, the two former returning three members and the latter two ; and a new Borough was created at Staleybridge to return one member.

On the other side the ancient Borough of Lancaster waa dis- franchised for bribery and corrupt practices. In the Cities and Boroughs it varied oonsiderably, being governed in part by local usage, in part by Charters establishing exclu- sive privileges in part by various resolutions of the House of Commons in cases of disputed elections.

By the Reform Act of a great ex- tension of the elective franchise was established. In the Counties, besides the Freeholders as before, the right of voting was extended — 1st.

To Copy- holders having an estate of the yearly value of not less than MIO ; 2ndly. In Cities and Boroughs one uniform fran- chise was established in favour of every male householder or occupier of premises of the yearly value of not less than iBlO.

The right of Froemeu to vote was not continued, unless residing within seven miles of the place of polling, and all voters to be registered. To every male inhabitant householder ; 2ndly.

The Knights for the Shire of Lancaster have always been chosen from amongst the magnates and great landowners of the County. In the list of Bepreaentatives the namea of some of the beat known and most LUofltrimui of Lancuhire f amilios —both paat and preaent— will be recognised.

For the last four hundred years the Stanleys have Bhared largely in the representation of the County. Prior to "the estates and connexions of the Earl of Derby, together with his personal influence, always enabled him to nom nate one of the mem- bers for the County, the other being selected by the old Tory County families.

And, notwith- standing the great extension of the franchise by the two Reform Acts, the Earl can still invariably ooomiand a seat for a member of his family in the Korthem Division of the County.

The population of the County, according to the various official censuses since , is as follows: I Sir Mathew ds Eedicah. Sir John de Evyas.

Sir Maihew de Redman was returned also in , and was probably the same as returned Knight of the Shire for Cumberland in Sir Henry de Kdghley was retomed also in and Died before his father in His son, William, who afterwards inherited the War- rington Barony, was suoimoned to Parliament as a Baron.

The family of Boteler or Bntler acquired the manor of Warrington in the thir- teenth century by marriage with the daughter and heiress of Matthew de ViUars, Lord of Warrington.

Azure, a bend or, between six covered cups of the second. Sir Henrt de Keiohlet. His sou, Lawrence,, sat for Preston in The family of Travers was seated at Nateby, and also at Tulketh Hall, in the Parish of Preston, in the reign of Henry L It appears to have failed early in the seventeenth cen- tury.

Sable, a chevron be- tween three boars heads couped, argent. Sir Gilbert ds Sinqleton. Returned also in The family of Clifton held the manor of Clifton in the 11th century, and, with the exception of a short interval in the 16th and 17th centuries, have continued to possess it since.

But in the next century it returned to the Cliftons by the marriage of the elder daughter and co-heiress of Sir Cuthbert IfalsaU, of Haisall and Clifton, with Thomas ClifUm, of Westby, the heir male of the ancient pos- sessors of the manor.

The direct line, seated at Shingle Hall, failed in the reign of Elizabeth, but a branch survived at Staining Hall, in the township of Hardhom-cum-Newton, until the close of the seventeenth century.

It is now extinct in Lancashire, but descendants are said still to exist in Ireland. Sir WiUiam de Clifton. The Banai- tres first settled in Lanoaahire towards the dose of the eleventh or early in the twelfth oentary.

The senior line, which aoqaired the feudal Barony of Newton-in-Makerfield, termi- nated with an heiress aboat Branches continued at Glaghton until the fifteenth cen- tury, and at Bank Hall, in Bretherton, until the seventeenth century, but their precise con- nection with the Barons of Newton has not been ascertained.

Arms of Banastre of Glagh- ton: A regard for what is due to the principles npon which literary investigations are couducted, no less than to the supreme value of accuracy in the compila- tion of History, prompts the following communica- tion.

Last year I put together a short account of the Rev. Charles Merle, rector of Winwick, the well known Prolocutor of the celebrated Assembly of Divines, based upon a large amount of materials, which for some years I have been cnllectiug from MSS.

I now find from the second edition of a History of Winwicki by Mr. Beamont leads his readers astray, as, e. Beamont is also indebted to the writer of this note for many other documents, Aa, in the present edition which were given up with habitual readiness.

Amongst them were the important List of the Protestors of the parish of Winwick, page 43 , the only paper of high value in the en- tire History ; the notes on the payment of the Bec- torial first fraits, which, with iniormation from k Wood and other sources, reduced to order Mr.

Passing by several other mistakes, in which I feel concerned, it ought to be indicated that one point to which I called Mr. It now ap- pears from the present new edition that my hints, by the aid of which I endeavoured to put Mr.

Bea mont on more accurate lines of research, have not been pursued, and that his statements in conse- quence are still at sixes and sevens.

Beamont further stated that he was Edward Gee, D. As far as I was then able I pointed out some of these errors to the Author, explaining inter aiUa that the preacher at Newton which was Newton, near MaTichester, not Newton- le- Willows was Oeorge Gee, whose dates were ; and that there was a Robert Gee, who was pastor at Newchurch, in Winwick parish, about Supplied with these and other hints Mr.

Beamont, in the present second edition, has, unfortunately, still further complicated the mat- ter by making the following statement pp. This very careless statement is transferred, but not quite accurately, from an ill-digested note in Br.

Mary, Devonshire], and became chaphiin to Dr. Before that time hehad probably offici- ated as curate of Winwick. I do not beHeve that Edward Gee had any official standing whatever in Winwick pariah.

Continuing his ao- count of Edward Gee, the writer assigns another yair— still incorrect— to his impriflomnent. Then this explanation intervenes, in reference to the statement of the first edition: The sermons one of which, at least, was preached in the former century aro in the Chetham Library, and will explain them- selves when looked at.

Beamont in my lists of those who took the Protest- ation in , is thus introduced: The year was not , but very much earlier, for the writer is jotting down the re- miniscences of the poet.

Beamont had led me is this, his revised aooount of the Gees, is, that he had omitted the most edebrated curate of them all ; whose name at one time was on the lips of every- body!

A,, 28th February, ; M. Josias Home being then Panon, Gee had oftentimes con- ferences with him concerning matters of religion ; but they savouring much of a mind inciting to Popeiy, Mr.

Let them, to whom of right it belongeth, owne their own part of the crime of this Beuerend good nans false and ininrions accusation: I am able to give a litfle information regarding the chief actor in the quaint ceremony of cursing by bell, book, and candle, an account of which has been printed in the " Scrap Book.

To have ft to hold Ac These being witnesses: Dated at Pemberton ttie sixth day of May in the year of the reign of King Henry the Sixth after the oonqueat of Eng- land the eighth.

To have and to hold to the said Agnes for the term of her life of the chief lord of the fee by service ftc. And after the decease of the aforesaid Agnes wo wish and grant that all the aforesaid lands fto.

Enow je titat wa bare! Dsatad sfc Pemlivtoii the aih linoii 14 Heo. This Nicholas was probaUy the penon referred to in the above deeds.

In the Greed of Piers Plowman in describing a monastry the follow- ing ooonrs: More than tweaiia and two Twyie y-nomubbred.

The grantecb William ffisunngtoo, gent, was the son of Sir Henry ffiunngton, of ffioingtont knight, by his seoond wife Dorothy, danghter of Sir Humphrey Qkeover, of Okeover, co.

Esquire, after redting the inden- tnre of 15 Febj. Ahraham Langton acknowledges that John CfulekM, Esqnire, de- ceased had paid thirty-six pounds as his share of the costs in the suits as to the Commons in EQnd- ley.

WWiam CvH- chethf another son of the said John, does the like. Remainder as he should appoint. Remainder to his right heirs. I did not query the name of the above Vicar in my notes on the Leigh Incumbents see No.

Earwaker in his interesting com- munication, for it the name is found amongst the institutions at Lichfield. Sir William le Gentil.

Sir William lb Qvsnu London. Sir Thomas de Beiham, not identified. Sir Henrt dx Traftobi. Sir Henry de Trafford, of Trafford, in the parish of Eccles.

They have been raised successively to the digmtiea of Baronet in ; Viscount Molyneux in ; Earl of Sefton in Azure, a oroBB moliae pierced, or, Died about the year His descendants — raised to a Baronetcy in — continued at Haigh until the dose of the eighteenth cen- tury, the male Hne terminating about , witibi Sir Roger Bradahaigh, 4th Bart.

Argent, two bendlets between three martlets, aahle. Cumberland, and of Halton, co. Lane, acquired the latter manor in the thir- teenth century by the marriage of WilUam de Dacre with Jocm, daughter and heir of Bene- dict Oernet, of Halton.

William de Dacre was summoned to Parliament as a Baron, 28 Edward 1. The member for the county in may have been a younger brother of the 1st Baron.

Oulee, three escallops, argent, Westminster, j Sir William dx Slenx. Sir Ralph de Biekerataffe, of Bickerstaffe, in the pariah of Ormskirk, of which manor his an - cestors were poseesaed from an early period.

Arms of Bicker- staff: Sir Wman de Skne. Eetumed also in , , and S" Thoica8 db Thobntqit. Sir Henry de Fegherby, not identified.

Sir Thomas de Thornton was retained also in and Sir William db Slbnb. Sir Thomcu Banastrt may have been of the Ban- astres of Bank Hall, the early descents of which are obeonre.

The male line continued until the seventeenth century terminating with the daughters of Okristopher Banastre, Esq. Arms of Banastre, of Bank: Argent, a cross patonce, sable.

Sir Wmam de Slene, See Pari J Sir Adam db Hoohton. The Hoghtons haye been seated at Hoghton Tower from the reign of Stephen. Sable, three bars, argent, Sir Joror dx JjAjkoastkr, linooln.

Sir John de Lancatter returned also in and The Lancasters were Feudal Barons of Kendal, oo. Westmoreland, from the reign of Henry II. The line failed about with the fourth Baron of Kendal, who, howerer, had an illegitimate brother, Boger de Lancaster, by whom a new family was founded.

He left three sons. The ddest, John, was summoned lo Parliament as a Baron in , but died without issue in His line terminated in oo -heiresses in the fifteenth cen- tury.

Arms of Lan- caster: Betumed also in Male line terminated in the fifteenth century. Go-heiresses mairied respectively into the families ol Chorley of Chorley, and Crosse of Crosse Hall.

Ature, three Bwans close, argent, two and one, beaked and legged, gulei, Sib JoHir db Pilxivoton. His descend- ants continued nntil the fifteenth centory, the senior line terminating, about , with Sir Ohrietqpher PWtmgton, K.

Eesiduary, Thomas de Grey, [great] nephew. Proved 26th March, William de Grey was bom at Merton in Her first husband was Cotton Gascoigne of Blington, Esq.

Both died unmarried and were buried in Merton chancel. William de Grey appears to have lived at Merton with his mother, until he had arrived at the age of twenty- two, and then to have married Elizabeth, sister and eventually coheir of Thomas Bedingfield of Darsham, Esq.

By her he had eleven children, of whom five survived him. Both he and his wife died young. William de Grey seems to have inherited the accuracy and business habits of his grandfather Sir William.

His account and note books are of great interest, as showing the habits and mode of life of a country gentleman of good estate two hundred years ago.

We see him residing at his country seat, except when he paid visits to his county neighbours, as to Mr. Wilson of Didlington, or when he was obliged to go to London to fulfil his duties as a Member of Parliament for Thetford, and then going, no doubt, in his coach and four Book No.

We see him in other respects liberal yet careful, giving the Rector his Easter ofiering, yet taking from him the price of the keep of his horse which stood in the Merton stables.

We see him generous upon occasions to his tenants, yet determined that they shall obey. We see him acting as banker to his servants, and paying them interest on the money they deposit in his hands.

We see him kind to his mother who lived with him till he died, yet so cautious, as evidently to prefer her written to her verbal promise.

We see his simple amusements, a game of backgammon with his uncle, a sight of a wrestling match at the little town VOL. Four sums in , the last year but one of his life, William de Orey records as having won at Watton bowling green.

The Squire and the Rector twice were there together, and some other friends ; Mr. After July, , the handwriting alters ; perhaps it is now that of Mrs.

There are, however, but few entries recorded. Then in May, Mrs. He had four children bom to him in , , , and , and in there is this entry, " Joshua Chad wick Master of Arts and Rector of this Parish, dyed Nov.

Joshua Chadwick had been Rector of Merton nineteen years. He was appointed in by William de Grey. He seems to have continued a bachelor nine years, and then he married Jane Clements of Watton.

The marriage took place at Merton. Jebsmiah, eldest son, died young. William, baptized and buried , at Merton. Elizabeth de Grey was buryd Sept.

G 2 84 16th January, There is aa order by the Master of the Rolls to carry out the codicil, though it was not signed. Tliis accounts for Elisabeth having resided there.

Remainder to their three children, Anne, John, and Ralph Blois. This match must have been thought a good one for Miss de Grey. Chriatopher Calthorpe was the only Burviving son of Sir Christopher Calthorpe of Wolterton manor-house, in East Barsham, one of the finest moulded-brick houses in England.

Hannah Maria had two daughters, who both died in infancy, and one son, Christopher, who alone was left to continue the name and inherit the estates of the Calthorpes of Barsham.

He, however, died in , at the age of thirteen years. Nicholas, baptized and buried at Merton He lost his mother when he was three months old.

I have said that William de Grey overfilled his house with his kinsfolk. Indeed, he seems to have turned Merton Hall into an hotel for the family.

His mother, with her maid and page and horses ; His uncle. Major Edmund de Grey, with his manservant and horse ; His cousin, Thos. Guybon, with his manservant and horse ; His cousin, Mrs.

Items tn the Reeeipt-boolce relating to Visitors at Merton. AH which not- withstanding I should have bin ashamed to haye taken anything upon this account, had not her extraordinary kindness forced me to take 05".

Beceived by y handes of my wife from my Cozen Anne Gaudy for her boarde here from Oct. Guybon burnt in his chamber, She died 7th Fehruary, , aged forty, and was buried at Thorpe Market.

Received then of Mr. Boger Wood who came with his man hither about ye middle of Sep. The Wood family were I suppoee, related to the de Greys or the Bedingfields, ae William de Grey calls them cousins, and they several times came to visit at Merton Hall.

In they stayed there twelve weeks. Wood of London [widow? The Woods came again in and stayed a few weeks.

This last visit seems to have brought about a nmrriage, for in the Merton Register there is this entry: Rouse of Henham in Suff.

Guillam says that Wood of Islington bore "Argent, a wolf passant azure, a chief gules — granted to Serjeant Wood Kindly given me by W. Harrison of London, cursetor.

Childreiif I I ob. Sir John Rons of Henham waa a widower. She died in He waa deaf and dumb, but an admirable painter and most ingenious man Blomefield, under fTeet Marling.

He left by her one son and one daughter. Sir Bassingbonme Gawdy, Bart. Charles Beddingfield of Ditchingham. Thomas Wright of Downham.

Hamon Lestrange of Berton, Suffolk. She was wife of Sir John Ghiwdy as above stated note, p. For Thomas Steward see p.

He and his wife Barbara were both buried at Holme-next-the-Sea. Bobin Bedingfield of London. My brother Bedingfield was imfortunately killed in Norwich streets in the time of the assizes [Mr.

I note it here because not any of them but Jane Ives hare any bond note or anything under my hand for their securitye of it. Beceived and borrowed more of Jane Ives upon Interest.

These summes I tooke upon their earnest Intreatyes not haying else occasion to borrowe monye at this time. Wonne of my Unde Qrey at tables [backgammon] Bemmye Tasburgh monye which he ought me at play, ever since last Summer Brakden, Mercer in Norwich for her Boyes Livery vix.

Oiven I say upon this account A marriage shortly to be had and solem- nized between the said William de Grey and the said Elizabeth Bedingfield.

His son, Thomas Kneyett the trustee, was therefore, first cousin of Elizabeth Bedingfield. To every workman any wayes substantial!

Allowance for threshing my come, vis. Chalk digging and such like, 4d, a loade. Washers of my sheepe. Brander of my sheepe..

Body to be buried in the church or chancel of Merton. Her executors were as follows: Account hook of the executors of Mrs. At his coming of age the estates were legally divided between him and the Rous family deed 21st Oct.

He sold his estates in 1 7 1 4 to his elder brother, Thomas de Grey of Merton, receiving deed 7th Dec. In July, , he made an arrangement with his creditors.

In he died. Elizabeth Isham, sister of Susanna, was twice married. She died seized in fee of a small estate at Brockley.

She left it to her nephew, John Stuteville. He is called of Stowlangtoft is a deed, 7th April, , Box [ff]. He married in , and went to Uye at Norton.

Body to be buried in the chancel at Dalham Brother Cox and brother Edgar super- Tisors. Her second husband was Mr.

Glemham, and when she died her Brockley property passed to their daughter, Frances Glemham. In a letter of Willa de Grey Jan.

John Stuteville, this not being disposed and given away by will, as all the rest of his ooncemes were. Dorithy Stuteville relict of Mr.

John Stuteville , and heire to his estate, viz. Taylor in peraon, was admitted to it. John Stuteville deceased ; and has farther promised she will at her Death leave him sole execator and injure him as little by Legacies and Gifts to any Friends at her Death as is possible: William de Grey, by the will of his aant Steward, who died 16th NoTember, , succeeded to her third share of the lands, and by arrange- ment with his cousin Taylor, became possessed of all the Dalham portion, while Taylor took the Brockley portion.

William de Grey sold his lands in Dalham, in , to Mr. The following Table sets forth the rather complicated connection of the persons mentioned in the above Dalham notes: Stute- riUe of Dulham, son and heir.

Judith Lewin and had asonJus- tinian, men- tioned at p. Is- Den- ham ton died of Tun- bridge, died Stew- anna ard Stew- of ard. Wright of Kilvcrston, liigh ShorifE of Norf.

Susanna, wife of Sir Nicholas Carew. Will of Henry Lord Dover My manor and adrowson of Nowton, Suff. Thomas de Grey, eldest son of William, was baptized at Merton in Sir Richard Gipps of Homingsherth was of a younger branch of the same family.

All perishable things at Merton were sold, an inventory was taken of the furniture see p. Happily the plan was not carried out. Thomas de Grey was of St.

He came of age in He married marriage settlement 10th Sept. He was again returned M. He was, I suppose, living at Merton from till , for in that interval four of his children were baptized there.

He was living at Bury St. In he was appointed a Deputy-Lieutenant for Norfolk. Thomas de Grey enjoyed the estates for the long period of seventy-eight years.

Thomas de Grey sold the Bunwell and Beechamwell estates and a property at Stowlangtoft. Bunwell had been in his family about four hundred years. Blomefield says " that in June, , there was an Act of Parliament for discharging several estates in Norf.

Elizabeth was baptized at St. She married the Bev. Edward Chamberlain see p. Thomas, son and heir see p. William, first Lord Walsingham see p. Chablotte, buried at Merton First court of John Knyvit, arm.

Marriage settlement between Thomas de Grey of Merton, Esq. One boulter, one minging trough. Two andirons, 3 hakes still so called [Eke or hook — used for suspending a pot over the fire.

Two bucking tubs [washing tub], one brandlett [tripod stand], Clossett over the Staircase. One cypress chest, the old colouresi one buffe coate and a jerkin.

Clossett over the Porch. Two paire of pillow beares see p. The hangings probably tapestry. A paire of drawers with scales and gold weights, a small keep [basket?

He died and left his lands to his " dear nephew Thos. A limbeck [alembic— distilling vessel. Thomas de Grey, in whose childhood this inventory was taken, married Elizabeth Windham, who filled a thick folio, of which the date must be about — 20, with receipts and pre- scriptions, most of which were made up by distillation at home.

A palsy water p. After some general directions she adds this caution p. To those who can afford, it is a very great folly to pretend to doctor ones self or ones friend, and most find ill effects who pretend to it.

Apothecarys worse than women. I find it even cheaper to write to a doctor the cases of the servants Sir Benjamin Wrench is very often mentioned in this book.

He was sent for to Merton sometimes. He was an eminent physician at Norwich. Fitch teUs me that he lived in St. It was entered by a fine gateway, now in Mr.

Etchings were made of the gateway and court before they were destroyed to make room for the Com Hall. Sir Benjamin died in Philologists will like to have noted from this book the common use of the following words: Thomas de Grey, eldest son and heir of his father Thomas, was baptized at Merton in In , and again in , he was M.

He repre- sented Norfolk for ten years, after which "he voluntarily declined offering himself as a candidate.

Some time after Mr. After his marriage he went, I suppose, to live at Merton, for in a deed, 10th August, , he is called Thomas de Grey the younger of Merton, Esq.

There are portraits at Merton Hall of Mr. Fisher, and of Anne and Mary their daughters. Sparke, wife of Ezekiel Sparke, gent. Upon the marriage no settlement was made of her real estate.

Are the tenants obliged to pay any rents for their lands from Michaelmas last to the 18th January last, when Mrs. I am of opinion that none of the tenants -can be obliged to pay any rent to Mrs.

Tuddenham Register, Anno Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Degrey, Esq. The family of Fisher possessed one of the manors in this parish, which was bought by the Rev.

Rogers, Rector of Lackford, and is now the property of the Marquis of Bristol. Sparke, Rector of Tuddenham.

Thomas de Grey survived his wife thirty-one years. He was very tall and thin, and was called "long Tom. His portrait is engraved and was published among those of the Norfolk worthies.

Thomas de Grey bore the de Grey arms: Barry of six ar. The will and codicils of Thos. He gives to his brother all the wood, all the water, all the houses, all the lands, all the furniture,- and personal effects I bind my nephew Lord Walsingham to the performance of this m j will, by his honor as a Peer of the Realm, and by no other tie or title whatsoever, that word being held so sacred is far above all the formalities of law, and, relying on that, I die confident and content.

Will proved 8th August, Probate of the will of Mr. Samuel Fisher, made 27th April, Anne his wife died July 31st, , aged Joseph Ash of Swittenham, Middlesex, Esq.

The marriage shortly to be solemnized. Edward Chamberlain died in His wife in She was buried at Great Cressingham.

The will of Hardwick Sewell. He is represented in a bine coat and red cloak. The lady could only have been Catherine, sister of Mrs. Chamberlain, who had preyioosly married.

The insoription on the monument was perhaps composed by Miss de Grey. Sewell who I believe was to have married Mrs. He leaves his estates chiefly to his heir Hardwick Sewell Eichardson.

Chamberlayne, Elizabeth his wife, and others. To all the servants at Merton Hall one guinea apiece. There is no doubt that Hardwick Sewell died of smallpox at Merton Hall, but there is nothing in his will specially relating to his espousal.

His grave is just outside the Chancel at the east end. Catherine de Grey buried July 3, [aged On a bend three martlets.

William de Grey was younger brother and heir apparent of Thomas de Grey of Merton. He attained a high legal position, and raised his family considerably both in dignity and fortune.

In he is described as of Norfolk Street, London. He married, in the chapel belonging to Somerset House, Nov. This William was first cousin of the Poet Cowper.

William de Grey had three children: Joseph Windham died 2l8t September, , aged Charlotte died 27th Kovember, 1 , aged eighty-one.

There are long and interesting inscriptions on their monuments in Earsham Church. He married Augusta Georgina, only daughter of Sir William Irby, afterwards first Lord Boston, marriage settlement dated 22nd April, , and through this match his descendants can claim Boyal descent.

He was specially admitted to the Middle Temple 24th August, He was appointed Groom of the Bedchamber ; M. He was Chairman of Committees in the House of Lords.

He was member for Newport in , and in that year he appears to have been offered by Lord Townshend the borough of Tamworth. An account for rings shows that he had to give on his appointment, two hundred and fifty-nine rings, from " their Majestys " down to attorneys.

The following is the letter from Lord North [Prime Minister after the resignation of the Duke of Grafton in ] announcing the appointment.

Lord Chief Justice Wilmot having this evening resigned his office, I am commanded by His Majesty to inform you that he has pitched upon you for his successor.

You will know better than I do the steps that are proper to take upon this occasion; as Lord Chief Justice Wilmot has actually resigned it will be right to proceed in them with all convenient speed.

I am with great truth, Dear Sir, Your most faithful humble servant, North. Sir William de Grey left a statement of his earnings, from which we may see how rapidly he rose in his profession.

Sir William de Grey never became owner of Merton, as he died one month before his brother. He died the 9th May.

He was buried in the then new and large vault, occupying three-quarters of the area of Merton chancel, for the making of which vault the graves of all his ancestors, who had not slabs over their remains, appear to have been destroyed.

The will of William, first Lord Valflingham, 18 written on a sheet of note paper. He calls himself Sir William de Grey, not being yet created a peer.

Sir William de Grey, before hia elevation to the peerage, bore for arms: Haying now brought this report of the Merton Muniments down to a time that may fairly be called modem, I take my leave of it, only expressing a hope that these manu- scripts, in my account of them, may afiford as much pleasure to the antiquary to read, as they have afforded to me to arrange and describe ; and if my report proves to be, as I hope it may, interesting to many in Norfolk, giving them, as it does, an outline of the history, before for the most part unknown, of an old family belonging to their county, their thanks and mine are due, first to Lord Walsingham, who, by giving me unrestricted access to his muniment- room, has enabled me to do what otherwise would have been impossible; and secondly to the liberal editor of this Miscellany, upon whose pages I have, I fear, trespassed far more than he expected I should do, when he did me the honour to ask me for a paper on the subject.

He was the eldest son of the Rev. George Crab be, VOL. Crabbe was bom 1st June, , at Pucklechurch in Gloucestershire, of which his father was at that time serving the curacy, and having received his earliest education at Bristol, was removed to the Grammar School at Bury St.

Having been curate for five years to the Hon. He married his first cousin, Emily Louisa, one of the daughters of the Rev. His health having given way about the year , he had recourse to the mild climate of the Riviera, and passed many succeeding winters away from home at Men tone, Bournemouth, and Hastings.

He had at different times, with a view both to health and information, visited Rome, Madrid, and other parts of the continent, and had only recently returned from Northern Italy with his surviving daughter, the constant companion of his later excursionB, when he became seriously unwell, but rallied, and was again occupied about his usual pursuits, when a relapse occurred, which ended fatally.

The foregoing lines contain the bare outline of a life, but a few words must be added, in order to indioate what nmnner of man he was, who led it.

He is sensible, notwithstanding, of a difficulty in doing justice to them, arising out of the simple unaffected naturalness of disposition, by which his late friend was distinguished.

A career, diversified by few striking incidents, offers comparatively little for a biographical notice, and yet it is one over which the memory of survivors frequently lingers with the most affectionate regret.

To have discharged the duties of his calling with unobtrusive fidelity, to have left behind him a blameless reputation, to have been wsrm in his friendships, whilst making many friends and leaving no enemy, would of themselves constitute no unmeet titles to commendation.

Crabbe was more than this. He possessod a cultivated taste, taking pleasure in painting, architecture, and the fine arts generally ; whilst, during the last few years of his life, a now source of interest was opened to him in those archsBological enquiries, which access to the muniment-room at Merton Hall brought within his reach, and the results of which have, in part, appeared in this journal.

The owners, Sir E. Brome Hall and Brome Manor are, it is true, in Suffolk ; there is, however, no mention of Brome in the volume; the local entries chiefly relate to Stuston or Sturston , a neighbouring Suffolk village, and to Scole, which lies in Norfolk, the shire boundary passing along the river Waveney and between these parishes.

Brome Hall was bought by the grandfather of the present owner. Sir Edward Kerrison, Bart, from the Comwallis family, in whose possession it had 1 2 been since early in the fifteenth century.

It is not clear how this book, which chiefly concerns Stuston, came into the Brome muniment-room: Mistress Froxmer was a daughter of the Comwallis family, and Melton, as shown hereafter, was probably steward of the Comwallis property and the adiriser of the family.

He wanted to put down his notes of manorial dues and other matters relating to Stuston leet and court baron law, and finding this volume only half filled with poetry used it for his purpose.

The book is paper, of eighty-one leaves, eight inches long by five-and-a-half wide, with a much-worn parchment cover and flap, stitched to the quires with a piece of cowhide at the back.

The contents are of three classes: The earliest of these accounts is dated from 15th to 19th Henry YII. A selection from each of these classes is given here, together with a list of the whole.

The first three leaves are filled with short pieces or fragments, a prelude to the longer religious poems. The first fac-simile represents the back of the first leaf, con- taining the curious old puzzles printed on pp.

Hence the appropriate design of some of the sacred signs, among which it is unusual to find the heart introduced.

The most interesting of the poems 18 the play of Abrahanis Sacrifice of Isaac, which differs from others yet known, and which will be more fully treated further on.

There is nothing to indicate, unfor- tunately, whether the play was performed in the splendid old manor-hall at Brome, or, may be, in the neighbouring town of Diss, where the two gilds of St.

Nicholas and Corpus Christi may possibly one or both haye undertaken to set it forth for friendly links between Stuston and Diss see after, pp.

Imagination has room to speculate alike on the place and the actual actors in the performance, who probably did not differ greatly in their acquirements from those of contemporary plays in other parts of England, such as at Coventry, Chester, and York A single play, requiring but a small body of players, might be more easily set forth in the rural towns of the country-side of East Anglia than the large collections, which required the combined efforts of the craftsmen in the greater midland cities.

It is, however, a fact that this is the first specimen of a mediaeval religious play from this part of England. Of the second class, the articles of a court leet and court baron are of course well known; the copies of deeds and grants do not appear to be connected with names or places in the neighbourhood, but may be entered as forms or models; whether genuine charters or not they do not offer any special interest.

The names of the Prioress of Flixton, and the town of Diss, point to the first explanation, while, on the other hand, a comparison of the other names with those in the lists for the "Taske" and the "Church Duties" show that they are those of men belonging to Stuston.

The customs of common-right were various, as is well known. I must leave the explanation to those better versed in local usage.

The meaning of the word felson itself is obscure. It seems to be of Danish or Anglo-Saxon origin, from the root feil, German foele, Anglo-Saxon vendible, that which is to be bought; the second syllable being another form of aam or sonie, like as in jetsam, flotsam.

The "duties belonging to the church," probably established by ancient custom, were of three kinds, plow-shot or plough-scot , sometimes called plow-alms Moti.

These sums usually come together for one tenant in some cases only two of the charges are named , and it will he observed that the money paid for a "lock" was a halfpenny farthing, that for a plow-land one penny, and that for a curtilage one halfpenny.

Thus, the holders were assessed to the church on the curtilage or land immediately round the tenement, and the arable land according to measure, each separately.

No dates are given with any of these felson, task, or church lists, which must have been made as memoranda for the guidance of the manorial officers.

Lastly, the accounts of Bobert Melton, to whom this book probably belonged when he wrote them in its blank leaves, are one more contribution to our knowledge of prices in a part of the country whose chief wealth lay in its barley crops.

Melton was, perhaps, a well-to-do farmer. He was evidently a man of some position and property, from the fact that several tenements are mentioned under his name as liable to felson, task, and church dues.

He was evidently also a trusted friend, perhaps the steward of the Comwallis family, for he was co-executor with William and Robert Comwallis to their eldest brother John, who died in , lord of the manors of Brome, Stuston, Okely, and Thranston.

The agreement with Boger Page of Scole p. The food-stuffs bought and sold in the accounts are wheat, barley, mesclin, malt, oats, and pease ; the two latter only occur once.

Mesclin is mixed com, usually wheat and rye: It is still known in the two latter forms as a kind of furmenty or sweet dish made from mixed com, and forty years ago maslin bread was much relished on good Yorkshire tablea The mixed corn appears to have been sown and threshed together: Tramais, Dragge or dredge was another name for mixed com, oats and barley or oats and wheat; perhaps the same also as mesclin.

See for various forms of the words, and references, Promptorium Parvuiorum, Camden Soc. The interesting little account on fos. It appears somewhat improbable that he should have paid for the board of his brother-in-law two years, and for his dress "a gown for my brother William".

Melton or Kempe, it is evident that the Stuston gentry went to Norwich when they wanted to buy a bonnet of velvety a frontlet of satin lined with velvet, or the materials for a gown of tawny cloth.

The following is an account of the contents of the manuscript, with some references. An asterisk is prefixed to the items now printed.

Cipher putzka and Hayings, See fac-simile and pp. Lines on casting the dice. Adrian and Tpotis Epotis. Two versions are printed from the Yemen MS.

Horstmann in AUenglischer Legenden neue folge, , Heilbronn pp. Play of Abraham and Isaac, pp — The Fifteen Signs of Doom. Several versions of this poem occur in different MSS.

See also the essay on this legend by Georg Nolle, HaUe, Accounts of Robert Melton of Stuston. Of this poem there are three English MSS.

The present resembles that found in Cotton. Eolbing in JSuglische Studien, vol. Fragment of the Life of St. Margaret and Sir Olyhrym, Printed by Dr.

Horstmann in AUenglische Legenden, Heilbronn, , p. This is the in- ferior version made about , upon the older story of the saint found in the Auchinleck MS.

Accounts of Robert Melton, pp. The Fehon Book of Stmton. Agreement atid quittance for delitery of barley, p. Book for the Task of Stuston.

Recipe for the jaundice. Church Duties of Stuston. Accounts of R, Melton. List of Prayers to be said. A Christmas Carol about Mary.

Directions for certain masses to form a trental. Part of Poems by Lydgate. In the lists of plays performed at Beverley and Newcastle, too, this subject has a place; and there is little doubt that it was a favourite piece, both on account of its human and pathetic interest, and its capabilities of conveying instruction, either of the mystic-typical kind familiar to the early centuries, or of a directly religious and moral nature.

We have here a car, on which was perhaps carried the altar for sacrifice, as the bearers are mentioned; banners preceded it, as was nsnal at such performances.

Bed cloth, a sword, and crowns are the other propertiea. The players and probably the piper also seem to haye been well provided with meat, drink, and winei and bookbinders; in Chester, the barbers and wax- cliaiindlers ; for Toventry and Wakefield Towneley mysteries the performers are not recorded.

The play now printed from the Brome MS.

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